Common Questions for Roof Repair and Roof Replacement in Pueblo

We love talking to our Pueblo customers and are always ready to come to their homes for a free estimate and answer any questions. Here are some common inquiries and answers to help anyone looking for immediate solutions for questions about roof repair for hail damage, and roof replacement.

How are hail damage roof repair services different from other repairs?

Roof Hail Damage Inspection for Roof Replacement in Pueblo To simply put it, hail can cause unseen damage compared to other types of roof repair. If you think about a heavy windstorm loosening shingles or a tree branch falling on your roof, you can understand how these are easy to see and need roof repair. However, hail damage often goes deep and is unseen. While significantly smaller than a tree branch, hail can damage underlaying layers because the top layer is tougher and wasn’t as affected.

I got on my ladder after a hailstorm and my roof looks ok. Could it still have damage?

Yes, it can. Just like we stated above, hail damage isn’t always obvious to the untrained eye. After years of working on hail damage roof repair jobs throughout Pueblo, we’re experienced in finding the slight bruises hail can make on shingles. And, if you see any dents in metal roofs on other buildings, siding, or your car, this is a good indication of damage elsewhere.

Isn’t it enough to just look at my own roof?

Trust us when we say that hail damage can fool the untrained eye. Also, we never want to see any of our Pueblo customers get hurt, which unfortunately we’ve seen time and time again after they’ve done their own inspection. Hail damage can be very misleading. And, unfortunately, we’ve seen some untrained roof repairs that made the matters worse. If you are ever in doubt, call us and we’ll let you know the next steps we’ll take for your particular roof repair.

Is a total roof replacement needed if my roof is damaged by hail?

If not properly evaluated, or the damage is underestimated, the unseen structural damage within the roof may lead to further leaks and deterioration. Typically, a single hail storm won’t do enough damage to warrant an entire replacement, however, if there are years worth of damage from previous storms, you may hit the tipping point. If the damage is beyond repair, or not cost-effective to repair, finding a roofing contractor for roof replacement in Pueblo will be a necessity.

Once we call you, what happens?

We’ll do a thorough examination on both the top of your roof and inside your attic. After the inspection, we’ll go over our findings with you. Then we’ll come up with the next steps and proceed as you’d like.