Hail Damage Roof Repair in Fountain, CO: 4 Signs You May Have Roof Hail Damage

Hail damage can be extremely detrimental to your home. Hail, while small, can travel at speeds of over 20 mph. These small little balls can not only cause you harm, but damage your roof, ducts, and siding, costing you headache and money in hail damage repairs. But when it comes to spotting hail damage repairs how do you know that your home has been affected? There are a few obvious signs that your home has suffered hail damage and requires professional hail damage repairs.

1)  Evidence of leaks or water damage in your attic

Water stains may be evident on the ceiling and walls in your attic. This is a strong indication that your roof has suffered damage and requires hail damage roof repairs. If not dealt with, hail damage in your attic can threaten the integrity of your roof and cause long-term complications.

Hail Damage Roof Repair in Fountain CO, Monument, Pueblo, Woodland Park2)  Roof and siding damage

Hail can cause the paint and material on your roof and siding to become chipped, damages, and loose. If you can visibly see damage on your home’s siding then it may be time to call a professional. Not to mention, when your roof or siding is damaged it can be an eye-soar and decrease the overall value of your home, that’s why hail damage repairs should be made ASAP.

3)  Debris from storm damage around your home

If your roof has been damaged by hail, then there may be shingles or displaced pieces of chimney or materials surrounding your home. If you can’t get a clear look at your roof or siding then take a walk around your property. If you find misplaced debris then it may be time to call a professional for hail damage repairs.

4)  Damage in exhaust fans and ducts

Hail can damage the location that your roof meets your siding. This happens to be the location of your exterior exhaust fans and ducts. If your ducts or fans are damaged by hail then it is of the utmost importance that you call a professional ASAP to receive the hail damage repairs that restore the integrity of your ducts and fans to avoid long-term issues.

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